Grounding and the Earth element

As the summer winds down, and the cooler air sets in, I can definitely feel the energy shifting.  Kids head back to school, the attaching energy of summer begins to wane, and there is a natural pull towards getting back to center.  The fire energy of the summer is just that!  Fun, social, unpredictable, joyous!  As fall approaches, we move towards the solstice, the change of seasons, and the earth element.  Time to get a little more grounded!  This is an excellent time for reflection to prepare for the shift towards the metal element of the fall, and the energy of letting go of the excess, transformation and preparation for the yin period of winter.

The earth element is also represented by the center of the home in Feng Shui, and our overall health and well being.  The first step is to figure out what exactly is the center, then take advantage of making this a clear, uncluttered space where the energy can collect.  Are there architectural elements that can create instability such as a staircase, kitchen or bathroom, a fireplace?  If so, there are remedies that can be put in place to reduce this effect. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the earth element relates to our stomach/spleen.   Our physical center is also where our precious organs are located, the solar plexus chakra, and our intention. The all important 'gut' instincts.  If this area is chaotic in the home, it may show up in our experience as digestive issues, lack of clarity, fatigue, obsessive worry, not feeling rooted or trouble finding clear direction, unexpected health challenges, or a general lack of self care.

Here are 5 things I look for to enhance this area. As always, go with what speaks to you!  Your environment should be a reflection of your being, so be true to that first and foremost!

1. Clear out the clutter.  Clutter creates chaotic or erratic energy, much like feeling sea sick!  This is the single most important step!!

2. The center is an area for energy to collect. In nature we often see this spiraling or circular pattern.  It represents balance, like the taiji or yin/yang symbol.  To remind me of this, I like to add some circular representations.  Choose items that really resonate with what balance looks like to you!

3. Lighting!  Adding lights at the center of the home resonates with keeping my center energy activated and strong. My inner fire! It brings awareness to how am I managing my health, my level of self care?  Am I listening to my instincts, what my body needs?  If I lack a strong sense of center, everything else gets easily out of whack.  I always keep a soft light on in this area. In a more practical sense, it ensures everyone in the home can find there way in the dark.

4. Crystals.  Any selection of crystals you have would be really well placed here!  Choose those that you feel you need the most support from.  A hanging multifaceted crystal can also be used to harmonize the center of the home.  If you are lucky enough that natural sunlight makes it way to the center, you will be blessed with a rainbow of color!

5. Speaking of color!  The earth element is often represented by yellows, earth tones, terra cottas. You could also have art work that depicts natural environments or special places that bring you a sense of inner peace. Any statues of meaningful figures will also help ground the space.

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