Knowing your personal energy

One of the first things I calculate when doing a Feng Shui analysis is the life gua of the people living in the home.  The reason for that is because what might be a supportive influence for one, could be challenging for another.  Knowing this can often help distinguish or resolve the issue of who gets which bedroom too! :)

The life gua speaks of our compatibility with other people and or directions/spaces in the home. We all have a unique energetic signature which will interact with other energies in different ways. This is calculated with a formula based on your birthday.

One of the main purposes of a Feng Shui consult is to better understand the self, and how we interact and relate to the world around us.  This allows us to match our frequency with our intention, which gives rise to coherence, and harmonious living. The life gua number gives us insight to our nature, but also context to which energies we can best jive with, be supported by, or will experience challenge with.  Not only can we reduce the time spent in less beneficial areas, but we can then map out the different types of supportive energy in the home in order to get the most benefit. Is the goal to boost your health, relationships, finances?

This number can direct you to where the best location will be to set up your bedroom, or office for example.  Each person in your home will have different areas that will best support them, unless of course they are of the same life gua. It's not a one size fits all kinda thing!  This can make the difference between feeling like you are constantly swimming up stream in life, or riding the wave! 

We can apply this to our relationships as well, whether it be our life partner, family life or work life. This can be a powerful tool to help understand why you get on easily with some, and less so with others, and how to improve those dynamics. 

If you can look at these relationships through the lens of the life gua and element it resonates with, you can more easily make whatever adjustments might be needed in your approach. When we understand our own nature, and the nature of those we interact with, we can create more harmonious relationships! 

Let's look at an example. My life gua is a 4 yin wood energy.  This is also symbolized by the wind.  Yin wood energy is softer and more flexible than yang wood. Much like the grass, or a ground cover that flowers and climbs. It is strong and rooted, instinctive, and can move around obstacles. They can be good communicators, social, enjoy making connections, but also very independent.  Like the wind, a 4 life gua can be free spirited or change direction, or focus more easily. Wood energy is life generating, like spring time. This gives them the propensity to be creative, and good entrepreneurs. 

Now, if we look at the life gua of one of my boys. He is a 6 yang metal energy.  If we look at the cycle of the five elements and their natural relationships, right away, we can see that metal controls wood. What do you use to cut down a tree? Because I am a yin wood however, this controlling aspect of the dynamic is less pronounced as say if I was a yang wood. Imagine a huge oak tree! A much bigger obstacle to overcome, which could create more conflict or challenges in the relationship. 

I often find myself adapting and adjusting to the needs of my 6 life gua child, which is in my yielding nature anyway. The 6 has strong leadership qualities, can be perfectionists, and very set in their ways. This gua is associated with a fatherly or disciplinary type energy. Being at the top can also be a lonely place, and they can sometimes be susceptible to depression. 

Change is a great challenge for a 6 life gua, unlike the 4, who moves with the wind!  This reminds me to be mindful of how much change I introduce into his world, helps me to nurture his leadership qualities by allowing him the freedom to do things his own way, come to his own decisions on certain things, to learn to trust his own abilities. Metal energy can be very cutting or rigid, and so the yin wood energy can help them embrace a more easy breezy attitude. In turn, the yin wood can benefit from the systematic approach or discipline of the 6 yang metal. 

When we better understand our natural tendencies, we can flow through life with more ease, grace and respect for ourselves and each other. Every relationship has an opportunity for growth💓

If you'd like to know your life gua and chart with which directions best support you, I'd love to hear from you! Just head over to my website and click on the link that says "Get your free energy report"



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