Holistic Massage

Swedish or

modified Thai yoga

Reiki Treatment

My approach to massage is to integrate body and spirit.  When we effect one part of the body, we effect the whole, as everything is interconnected. This session addresses the primary areas of physical tension as well as the underlying energy that is supporting or related to the tension.

You can choose from either Swedish massage techniques with oil, or passive mobilizations and stretches as with Thai yoga massage. *For Thai massage, comfortable clothing is recommended*

*insurance receipt provided*

in Clinic

$85.00 for 60mins

$110.00 for 90 mins

In Home

$100 for 60mins

$130.00 for 90mins

Energy balancing
Acupressure, Reiki, IET
Release what no longer serves


This is a holistic approach to restoring balance within the physical and energetic body,  stemming from Chinese Medicine. By evaluating the unique constitution of an individual, we can begin to understand where the imbalance is, or which factors are present that aren't supporting your health and vitality.  This balance can then be restored through the gentle activation of the energetic pathways called meridians, as well as recommendations for dietary and lifestyle support. Working with the energetic system in this way is deeply relaxing and allows the nervous system to switch off the stress response in order to allow the body to naturally shift into the parasympathetic mode where restoration and healing can take place.

Reiki and IET

Both Reiki and IET are gentle techniques that promote healing.

A general translation for Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. It is like being bathed in light energy, and this energy will go to wherever it is needed to help release or bring healing on the physical, emotional or spiritual level.

IET or Integrated Energy Therapy uses a network of integration points to release emotions stored in "cellular memory" with a gentle and relaxing approach. As these blocks are cleared, it allows the body to rebalance and restore.

in Clinic

$85.00 for 60mins

In Home

$100 for 60mins

*insurance receipt provided*


This package looks specifically at the bedroom, and the Earth element areas of the home. Earth is how we nurture ourselves, and a healthy loving relationship always begins within, and how you self care.  Whether in a partnership or solo, this assessment allows you to tune into your own heart and personal empowerment. 

This is a one on one zoom session which includes recommendations for proper arrangement and enhancements, color selection and a personal recording of a guided heart opening meditation from the Reiki tradition.


Mindful design with Feng Shui

Ready to change old patterns and bring fresh new energy into your space?

The first visit of a consultation is about getting to know what isn't working or feels stuck! This will help prioritize and bring to the surface aspects of your life that you really want to see change. This is a really important step in this transformative process!

The second visit will be scheduled once I have completed my analysis and have prepared your report with color and arrangement recommendations. At this time, I will go over the analysis in full, and you can ask me any questions you may have on implementation of the changes.

In addition to this, you will also receive an annual energy update! Each year we look at specific influences that change with time, so will be able to make the correct adjustments with each new year.  

What to expect from a consultation?


Feng Shui for Love! 

Free Ebook!

Balancing the body with Acupressure

This free ebook will guide you through the origins of Chinese Medicine, what the five elements are and how these cycles work to restore balance in your body, mind and spirit through the meridian system and Acupressure. Learn some simple self care points to calm the nervous system, improve your energy, digestion, help with insomnia and more.